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2022 Holiday Gift drop!

Our Third Annual SIUH Gift drop was a hit! Feel Free to take a peek at some of our amazing work this year featuring David Crescitelli, Irina Wierzbowski, Christa, Vivian, Jade and many others!

Christa_David Dunkin.JPEG


Dunkin Donation!

Thank you to the amazing team at Lufrankton Dunkin corp and the Toms River Donuts team for the amazing Donuts and Giftcards! So happy to have you part of the THOP Family!


Sweet Tooth Dentist Office

Thank You to Dr. Joe, Gina and the whole team at Sweeth Tooth Dental office for the generous donation of Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Stickers and Business Cards we greatly appreciate it!

Sweet Tooth Dental.JPEG
Cake Chef Jade.jpg


Cake Chef Donation

Thank You Jade and the whole team at Cake Chef Bakery! Everybody loved all of the tasty pastries and sweets!! Thank You for the Continued support!

And Finally The Gift Drop!!!!

Staten Island University Hospital- Vivian, Irina, David and the Team!

Irina, David, Viv.JPG

Irina and Betsy's Performance!

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